Power Shack Solar
Whether yours is a 50 watt portable
application or a 100 megawatt bid for a utility
sized project Power Shack Solar Inc.
can provide you with A rated solar modules
and other components that will give you a
great high quality all around PV system at an
awesome price and help you with
system design and custom production or
installation when needed on residential,
commercial, portable, mobile, and even
custom use off-grid solar systems &

We have a pricing arrangement that allows us
to offer wholesale pricing levels on different
quantity levels so you can save some serious
money vs. simply purchasing retail.

Call for customer pricing on High efficiency
solar modules or systems (portable, mobile,
residential, or commercial or custom
application) on shipped orders your shipping
cost per panel will decrease with order size.

(512)902-3397 for a quote today!

Call  for quote or questions  (512)902-3397 or email.  You
will receive your discounted freight charge within
minutes - this allows us to relay to you our best
shipping discount to your specific location based
on the exact number or modules you need at the best
freight cost available on the day you order.  You may
contact us for shipping estimates by e-mail.
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We are a full line Attic Breeze Solar Attic Fan
just as good as any but superior to all other attic
fan products currently available in quality of
components used & quality of construction.  Atiic
Breeze is manufactured in the USA and actually
right here in the state of Texas.  
Call us today for information on installation and
pricing either installed locally or shipped to you.  
We are currently offering an outstanding special
package including installation on AB's popular
series in it's most powerful size installed in the
Central Texas area.
Call today for questions & pricing.
Florida and Texas Hurricane are
designed to outlast your roof.
only made in America
Attic Breeze is not but
is proudly
manufactured here in
the great state of
Power Shack Solar & Power Shack Generators are dba(s) of Bottom Line Trading Inc. through
which we are now offering high end solar attic fans, portable solar generators, mobile, custom,
on & off grid solar systems as well as A grade solar panels at very competitive prices.
We offer professional installation in the central Texas area.  
Please call us at 512 902-3397 for pricing and availability.
electric motors, so if you are planning to buy a
Federal rebate program, you should definitely give
price that will save you money on a product that is
the best available anywhere.  
Solar attic fans are most definitely not all the same
and vary greatly in quality from junk not worth your
time & definitely not worthy of being installed on
the roof of your home, to high quality systems that
will not only pay for themselves in a short amount
of time but provide higher safety, efficiency and
even extend the life of other components in your
home & roof.  We only stock the best.
Call us for details.
512 902-3397