Smart Wheels Extreme is the newest edition to the Smart Wheels line up and are different enough from other Smart
Wheels models that have branded them Extreme & the model number is designated with SWX.  Our Extreme series
manufacturer not only builds with the same power high end motors and top of the line Samsung batteries but has made
some significant and patented upgrades to the traditional hoverboard design.
The Extreme Series includes an open air wheel design that keeps more clearance between the tires and the body
panels.  The Extreme's ride platform is higher giving greater clearance so the SWX7.8iBT with 8 inch wheels actually
rides higher & with as much clearance as the traditional 10 inch models & does so with a slightly narrower footprint for
greater maneuverability.  The body panels on the Extreme Series include more UV & clear coat protection that any other
model.  Where almost all other hoverboards that offer Bluetooth either standard or as an optional upgrade are
concerned, a two channel single speaker system is used, however the Smart Wheels Extreme line of hoverboards utilizes
a 4 channel stereo two speaker system giving the rider greater sound reproduction, quality and volume while gliding.  
The extreme system packs several other upgrades under the hood that are described on this page and is offered in 7
inch wheels SWX7.7iBT with a traditional wheel style and 8 inch upgrade wheels SWX7.8iBT.  
Both come packed with all the same upgrades and features. For extreme people who want their hoverbaord to be
extreme as well, we offer the best version of these units for up to $300 less than you will see this manufacturers
hoverboards sold for under other brand names.  How can we do this? Smart Wheels Extreme & all Smart Wheels
branded hoverboards are always shipped direct from our manufacturers to our warehouse and then to our customer (no
middle men) allowing us to sell hoverboards with the highest specs at modest profit margins & be able to compete with
the generic lower quality hoverboard sellers who either ship from overseas or are working through middlemen and
importers both in the US and abroad. Buy from a real US company with real service & support with service centers who
always ships from our own real Texas warehouse. Keep it real with a Smart Wheel.
Same exact authentic model as found on
SWX7.7iBT -Extreme series Smart Wheel 700
watt two wheel self balancing electric scooter  
with 7 inch wheels & higher step up for greater
ground clearance & a smoother ride. Like all
Smart Wheels Extreme hoverboards come with
Samsung performance pack high range long life
battery & the extreme line includes many new
features from lighting to design both exterior and
interior (see below) that make up the hotest most
sought after new smart self balancing scooters
on the market & come standard equipped with
new 4 ch 2 speaker stereo Bluetooth.
SWX7.8iBT - Same great extreme features with
upgrade wheels and 8 inch tires to provide
maximum lift and ground clearance.
SWX7.7iBT Retail - $949
Sale Price  $549.77
*Free Shipping
SWX7.7iBT Retail - $999
Sale Price  $599.77
*Free Shipping
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