Smart Wheels SW-3.10i Model with 10 inch Wheels For Greater Ground Clearance
SW-3.10i -700 watt two wheel self balancing electric scooter  with large 10 inch wheels for greater
ground clearance & a smoother ride. Like all Smart Wheels models the SW-3.10i includes top of the line
Samsung / LG Lithium battery. So you have highest quality wheels & largest tire size, best battery and
most power in the industry. Smart Wheels does not skimp on specifications. Currently in stock in red
flame, black & white graffiti colors - Includes wireless bluetooth speaker.
Same exact authentic model as found on
Free custom zippered carrying bag
  • 350 watt motors x 2 = 700 watts of power (important)
  • Only the best Samsung, LG or Sony Lithium Batteries          
    (twice the range of cheap knock off Lithium Batteries but
    much more expensive - if they sellers don't mention it - they
    do not have them)
  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Water Proofing rating IP54
  • Weather proof high end paint similar to auto paint
  • Remote power on/off (most models)
  • Non-slip foot pedals
  • Powerful LED head or Tail lamps
  • Smart Wheels are fully Reversible - ride both directions
  • 260 lb rider can ascend steep hills of up to 15 degree grade
  • Max Speeds of 10Km - 16km depending on model (not
    limited by lack of power but over-speed protection)
  • Dual motors for a total of 700 watts make turning and
    maneuvering possible beyond what vehicles with single
    engines or motors can normally achieve
  • Intelligent self balancing system with gyroscopic high
    performance processor
  • LED Lights lighting forward and backward instead of just
  • Large 10inch wheels with more tire surface on the
    ground and higher ground clearance to clear
    obstacles, bumps, & unsmooth surfaces.
The new SW-3.10i is for those who like to roll jacked up so you can run over more stuff!
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Retail - $949
Sale Price - $499.77
Now w/ free fitted,
zippered carrying
bag - $20 value
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