Power Shack Solar Inc.
Whether yours is a 50 watt portable
application or a 100 megawatt bid for a utility
sized project
. Power Shack Solar
can provide you with A rated solar modules
and other components
for a great high
quality all around PV system at an
awesome price and help you with
system design
, custom production or
installation when needed on residential,
commercial, portable, mobile, and even
custom use off-grid solar systems &

We have a pricing arrangement that will
allow us to offer wholesale pricing levels on
different quantity levels so you can save
some serious money vs. compa
rable panels.

Call for customer pricing on High efficiency
solar modules or systems - for a limited time
(your shipping cost per panel will decrease
with order size as these
panels are shipped on a pallet for safety).

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Power Shack Solar Inc is a dba of Bottom Line Trading Inc.   Power Shack Solar specializes in Solar Power systems used
for camping, RV, vending trucks and any other portable or temporary applications.  Power Shack Solar Residential and
Commercial Solar Systems both Grid Tie and Off Grid are custom designed specifically with customer application in mind by
professional certified and licensed professionals at a cost that will be extremely competitive without sacrificing quality,
workmanship or service after the sale.  Power Shack Solar offers installation in the Central Texas area on permanently
mounted systems and our systems will qualify for some awesome incentives allowing our customers to install systems at a
fraction of the cost not only providing them with awesome reliable green power but also a financial savings that can be
substantial over much shorter periods of time with local and Federal Tax incentives currently available.
Power Shack Solar Inc. is an authorized dealer
and installer of the Attic Breeze line of solar attic
fans.  Attic Breeze professional fans are
produced right here in Texas in a factory that is
itself 100% solar powered  We offer the
complete line and are currently offering a
Special Price in Central Texas that includes
professional installation.  We feel these are the
best solar attic fans made with superior design
& construction when compared with the best
competing solar attic fans.  Attic Breeze backs
that up with the best warranty, a lifetime
warranty at no additional cost on residential
fans and 25 years on commercial models.  They
utilize only A grade mono-crystaline modules
that give them the power to move much greater
CFM (cubic feet or air per minute) per watt than
the competition removing more heat per day
from your attic. Call us today at:
application and your structure and we will quote
you a great price locally installed or shipped.  
Florida and Texas Hurricane
rated for wind endurance and
are designed to outlast your roof.
deduction but rebate including
installation so be sure to buy
almost 1/3 back from Fed Govt.