We have designed this page to help our customers choose between two very similar units that both offer great
features and value without sacrificing quality when compared to other leading units in the inverter generator 3kw
class on the market today.  We have years of experience dealing with this type of unit specifically and have brought
in and tested samples from many of the world's manufacturers before deciding to put our name behind these units.  
This comparison represents the very latest and most updated version from each of these manufacturers.  We
appreciate your time & your business.
The chart below compares the Boliy Pro3600SiER and the new Champion 75537SiER which are each
manufacturers most current model with the added features of electric start & remote start capabilities.
They also both have a very similar automatic choke feature and in our testing have extremely similar
power output capabilities.  We hope the comparison below is helpful for you to distinguish the
differences between the two units & helps you decide which might best suit your personal needs.
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email or call us at 512 902-3397.
Since this Champion unit is so new to the market we would like to say that we are very impressed with the
design and construction of this unit. The Champion will feel more solid and the larger wheels will roll
better on a variety of surfaces.  We have found the Champion to have a much stronger battery and starter
as well.  The added convenience of being able to trickle charge the Champion right from the panel verses
having to access the battery itself, and the ability to charge usb devices directly from the generator with the
included usb charger make it a strong competitor for the Boliy and we have had nothing but good feedback
from our customers on this unit so far including some who have owned both units.  Having said all of this
we have stood behind Boliy since 2007 as the best value in the 3kw inverter class and maintain the
opinion that the Boliy is a quality inverter unit.  We hope this information helps you decide which unit is right
for you & your family.
Boliy vs Champion
Champion inverter generator
Boliy Generator
* We are currently offering these two units at the same great price including free shipping to the lower 48
continental US states.
champion 75537I
Boliy Pro3600SiER
SALE PRICE- *$1059.77
SALE PRICE- *$999.77
Champion 75537i (SiER)
Boliy Pro3600SiER