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power to weight ratio.  Quiet design gives reduced noise operation. engine
It's compact size with high output and smooth operation come from a  
brush-less, single power, and at under 50 pounds virtually any application
requiring quiet reliable Personal Portable Power!  No unit on the market
portability.  Due to the fact that it will no longer be available we have for
improved fuel efficiency, increased reliability and consistent placed the
DS1000P3 on clearance.  Normal sale price is $329.77 with our It's compact
size with high output and smooth operation come best price as a stocked
item on sale being $299.77 but until they are gone brush-less, single power,
Portable Power!  No unit on the market clearing them out at $239.77 which
was our dealer cost.  Unlike other models we will continue to maintain stock
on select parts for these units level & today at this price can top its design,
performance, durability, sound until they are gone as well while they are
being cleared out.  These have been great little gens & we have received
testimony after testimony of how these units have performed beyond
expectations for customers who have gone through ice storms and
hurricanes like Ike & Sandy having supplied them with enough power to
operate full size refrigerators and many other loads. We hate to see them go
but our loss is your gain at this price.
Fuel Type: Unleaded Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.1 gallons
Fuel Consumption:
.16 gallons per hour
Engine Oil Capacity:  0.48 quarts
Continuous Operation (hrs): 6-8hrs at 1/2 - full load
Noise Level: super quiet 60 db (less than normal human
voice level) at 7m
Peak Output: ±1250 Watts
Continuous Output: 1000 Watts
Voltage Output: AC 120V 60Hz, DC 12V 8.3A
Lubrication System: Oil Reservoir (10W-30)  
recommended - depending on climate
Weight:  48 pounds net weight / 56 pounds gross  
shipping weight
Dimensions (L/W/H): 19.5/12.8/18 Inches
Item Code: DS1000P3
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DS1000P3 1000 watt generator
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1000 watt genertor