Bottom Line Trading Inc is a Christian owned & operated company & we strive to provide all of our clients with the same quality level
of service before during and after each transaction that we expect and demand  from our own suppliers & manufacturers.  If you
ue integrity, professionalism, and a strong since of urgency on behalf of customers business needs, then contact us with specific
information on
individual or wholesale items we provide or even high cost or high quantity items you purchase either now or might
planning to add to your future business model & we will do our best to provide or source your product or just get you a
comparison cost
quote to be sure you are not over paying if we have suppliers, manufacturers or contacts involved in producing
your product & we may be able
to supply you or match you with manufacturers, or distributors for your specific product needs.  We
will contact you immediately with our best quote free of charge
if we can be of assistance with your product(s).  If there is a better
deal out there we will do our best to find it for you.  In addition to our discount online retail stores, we wholesale many lines of
products to both resellers and/or bulk users, so if you have need of bulk
discounts or truck load quotes on any of our current
offerings please
email us today for wholesale or dealer details - God Bless You & Yours & Thank You again for your business
Bringing you the Best  Combination of
Value & Quality in Portable Power, Solar,
Dual Fuel & Inverter Generators
New Electric Bikes & Solar Products
During 2017 BLT Inc will release several exciting new Solar,
Portable Solar Generator & electric personal transportation
models, so check back soon for more info on the latest new items
Bottom Line Trading Inc has been proudly operating in Central TX since 2006 under it's dba Power Shack Generators, Power Shack
Solar & Smart Wheels w/ offerings highlighted by many of the top rated portable generators, portable inverter generators, solar
generators, solar powered, emergency & personal electric transportation products. Our product offerings center around providing
high end, efficient cost effective products at great prices that provide power, reduce your grid dependency or simply add to your
vacationing or personal transport & recreational pleasure. Bottom Line Trading Inc. is proud to offer Champion, BOLIY, Power Shack
Solar, Attic Breeze,
& Segway lines of high end products that are among the best in their respective industry catagories in specs,
features, quality & performance at prices & service that can not be beaten with live support both during & after the sale. Thank you
for visiting our stores and we hope you will enjoy our products.
Newest 2014 Boliy Generator

Champion 3400 watt inverter generator